• What are the risks of International collaboration?
    In today’s digital society, there are security risks everywhere. Whether you order a new sweater online, or receive phishing email supposedly from your bank. Knowing whom you are working with and being aware of possible risks is an important first step. In our professional collaboration model, we guarantee working with screened employees, secured connectivity and ensure tight contractual agreements.
  • How to deal with cultural differences?
    Being open to other cultures and being aware of your own culture and values is the key success factor. We can provide guidance and a presentation that provides insight, and offer practical tools for an effective collaboration.
  • Isn’t it really difficult to collaborate with someone remotely?
    The New Way of Working in the Netherlands has contributed to the fact that employees already work remote quite often. Performance is much more based on output rather than presence. We help to organize collaboration by making efficient use of proven communication technology and tools, but also by structuring the governance. In addition, we continuously monitor the relationship and we are always available for questions.
  • What about the time difference?
    The professionals basically work during Dutch office hours. It is however always possible to agree on individual preferences. Depending on where the professional is located there can be up to 4.5 hours time difference, but there is always a large overlap in working hours.