WHY skipmonday
Besides the inevitable local color there is room for an International online job market, where worlds come together, work together and we all benefit. We offer the next step in the New Way of Working by providing easy access to IT talent and knowledge worldwide and organizing online collaboration effectively. Focus on what you’re good at, let us help you with International online collaboration and “skip Monday”!

HOW does skipmonday work?
skipmonday organizes and facilitates International online collaboration by deploying International IT talent. We connect demand and supply, advice in effective governance and communication, dealing with cultural differences, the use of technical tools and we ensure safety, quality and customer satisfaction.

WHAT does skipmonday deliver?
Better availability of IT talent and knowledge, flexibility, scalability, predictability and high(er) productivity.

skipmonday is shaping “the post corporate society”, where people can easily collaborate online Internationally. We create access to a huge pool of talent and knowledge, worldwide.